Hitching a ride to Ely

Now I had a problem.  Checking on transportation to Ely, I was told that a small jitney called the Lewis Stage wouldn’t be making the run for a couple of days.

I would have to hitch-hike to Ely.

My friend, Ken, and I cruised up and down Fremont Street in his convertible until sunset, when Ken took me  to the edge of town.  I hitch a ride to Glendale Junction, about 40 miles east.  The road to Ely left the main highway at that point.

So, guitar and baggage, I sat down on the edge of the junction, on the road to Ely, and waited for a car.

Hours passed.  No cars came.

Finally, about 11 o’clock, I rested my head against my suitcase and shut my eyes.  The next thing I knew, it was morning.

Then, a solitary car came along and picked me up.  He took me all the way to Ely, Nevada.

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