Crazy bus ride to Las Vegas

My Triumph sports car, with me in it, was rolling.  It rolled over, bounced a couple of times, and ended upside down in the bottom of the ditch on the side of the road.  I remained firmly in my seat until the bouncing stopped, then I dropped from the seat a few inches onto my back.

I reached up and turned off the ignition.

About that time some guy came down the hill, yelling, “We’ve got to get him out of there!”  and started jostling the car.

I yelled, “Hey, stop!  I’m OK, but I can’t get out!”

He stopped.  “What do you want me to do?”.

“Tear off the side panel on the car!”

He did that, and I slid out.

Looking at the car, upside down in the ditch, I saw that the ditch bottom had a narrow gully on which the the car’s sides rested, leaving a depression large enough for my head and shoulders.  Because of the gully I was not injured.

(Makes you think about Divine Providence, doesn’t it?)

After speaking to the police and riding a tow truck into Cincinnati, I made insurance arrangements, cleaned up a little, and caught a bus to Las Vegas after calling my Ken Thomson and telling him about the accident, and that I’d be arriving by bus a couple of hours after our agreed time to meet.

The bus ride was crazy.  I had a guitar with me, and I’d just survived a life-threatening accident unscathed.  I was positively manic.  The bus wasn’t crowded, and the few passengers caught my fever.  We had an absolute blast, all the way to Las Vegas.  Even the bus driver joined in the fun.

We arrived in Las Vegas just after sunrise.  My friend Ken met me at the bus.

But how do I get to Ely, Nevada the next morning?

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