The Agra Fort and other sites at Agra

The Taj Mahal is certainly the world’s grandest tomb.  The sultan built it for his wife, who died young.  His residence was the Agra fort.  It was a grand structure in itself, only overshadowed by the great Taj Mahal.

Lunch was at the hotel where we had to cancel our reservation.  We were the only ones at lunch, it being the off-season for tourists.  Nonetheless, a small orchestra entertained us at lunch.  They started singing, which caught our ears.  They were singing ‘Karl’ and ‘Erik’, our sons’ names.

The Taj Mahal is covered with inlays of precious stones.  A visit to a craftsman’s shop allowed us to buy a small jewel box, carved in marble, inlaid with stones similar to those adorning the Taj.

On the road were people trying to attract our attention with different things.  One gentleman waved a huge snake at us.

That evening we flew from Agra to Jaipur on an Air India plane.



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