Delhi airport at 2 AM

Our stay in India had been shortened by one day, sadly, and we had to rush to get back on schedule.

We arrived at Delhi airport about 2 AM.  The place was packed with throngs of people.  Because of India’s position on the earth, most international flights arrive there in the early morning hours.  Happily, our tour professional had arranged for a guide to meet us as we deplaned.  He guided us through the crush of people and got us to our flight connection in time for departure.

Next stop, Agra and the Taj Mahal!

(Agra is in Uttar Pradesh.  In Hindi, Uttar means ‘state’, but few non-Indians know that.  In the following years I loved to tell people, “When we visited the Taj Mahal we were in a state of Uttar Pradesh.”  People would look at me so queerly.  What was Pradesh?  An Indian disease?  Is this double talk?  OK, so I’m being foolish.  So what?)

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