Somebody up there likes me!

I sat in Port Moresby air terminal and watched passengers board that Boeing 727 jet aircraft headed for Brisbane, Australia. After a while the air terminal was empty. I was alone, with all my stuff.

After what seemed a long, long time, the Port Moresby airline counter clerk shouted at me, “Get your gear over here, and quick! Give me your ticket!”

“What’s going on?” I asked, hopefully.

“Don’t ask! Chuck your gear on that cart and go get on the plane!”

WOW! No need ta ask me twice! I’m getting on board before they change their minds!

The flight attendant met me on the plane. “Right this way, sir.”

The plane had a few seats at the back of the first class section that were convertible from first class to coach. They could be converted from two first-class seats to three narrower coach seats.

With all passengers boarded, they had made the two first-class passengers in the last of those seats step to the aisle while they converted their two nice, wide seats into three.

The woman who occupied the seats with her son was enraged. “What are they doing? I booked these first-class seats months ago! I want to talk to somebody in charge! ”

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