Missed reservations

When that DC-3 left me on the ground at Aropa airfield, all my flight reservations to Australia departed with it.

“We have a chartered Aztec flying to Rabaul tomorrow. You can go with us.”

OK, that was good, but because of the delay all my connections farther south were gone: From Rabaul to Lae, Lae to Port Moresby, Port Moresby to Brisbane.  If I can make it to Brisbane I should be able to get to Sydney and on to Melbourne.

But three precious airline seats stood between me and Brisbane.

Could I get them?

All I could do was take my chances.


After flying to Rabaul on the charter and spending the night at the Cosmo, I got to the airport early to plead my case.

The Fokker Friendship aircraft was full from Rabaul to Lae.

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