A gracious person

The Fokker Friendship aircraft from Rabaul to Lae was fully booked.

As I languished at the Rabaul air terminal, praying for a miracle, the ticket attendant came over, smiling. “We have a seat for you. A Chinese lady had booked a seat for her small child. She has agreed to hold the child on her lap for the flight so you can have that seat.

But we can’t do anything to get you farther than that.”

Thank you!

I was on the plane in a jiffy.


After landing in Lae I headed straight for the reservation desk and begged for a seat to Port Moresby.

The ticket attendant shook his head. “We have a seat for you to Port Moresby, but all flights farther south are fully booked for the next three months. All hotels in Port Moresby are full. You’d be better off staying in Lae.”

Fully booked for three months!?!

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