Back to Australia

With the magnetic survey project complete, it was time to head back to Australia.  Kobuan office manager Ray (the word is SHUVIM) Gawan booked my flights.

From old Aropa airfield I boarded the island-hopping DC-3.  The flight attendant was a Melanesian man.

He gave safety instructions: “Dispela Life Preserver … ”

His instructions were brief and concise, in clear, understandable Pidgin. His ‘uniform’ was shorts, tee-shirt and sandals. His manner was friendly and confident.

I was booked in the ‘Cosmo’ (Cosmopolitan Hotel) for that night.  In the morning I was to catch the F-27 turboprop to Lae, with connections south to Melbourne.  The flight had an early morning departure time.

After a hectic trip I crawled into bed at the Cosmo and crashed hard. The next thing I heard was the noise of my flight flying over the hotel, on its way to Lae.

OK, so I had to lay over another night at the Cosmo.  Next morning I caught the flight out.

After changing planes in Lae I flew to Port Moresby.  There, I discovered, to my delight, that they now had a turboprop airliner on the run to Brisbane.  Great!  The flight took only four hours.

By that evening I was back in Melbourne.

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