A few words in Nasioi

I understood that the Nasioi (pronounced ‘NAS-YOU-EE’) language has five dialects.  I see only four listed on internet sites in various locations.  The listed ones are Kieta, Pakia, Aunge, and Orami.  I remember hearing that Nagovisi was another dialect.  But, folks, I’m no expert.  It was nice, though, to speak a word or two in friendship as I trekked around the Panguna and Kieta environs.  Many of the older folks spoke only Nasioi.

Everyone I met on the trail appreciated my feeble attempts at their language.

Here are a few ‘tokpleis’ words you can use on your next trek through Nasioi country:

Poai  —  come

Aq  —  here (a q at the end of a Nasioi word means a glottal stop)

Adeq  —  where (often spoken as a question)

Aq Poai  —  come here

Naniai  —  go, go away

Anka Naniai  —  go over there

Nanampiai — let’s go

Arong Nanai  —  go down (r’s are rolled; some writers would spell this ‘adong naniai’)

Bananiai  —  sit down

Ningan ko bananiai  —  sit near me

Tampara  —  good; thank you

Tampara mosika  —  very good

Tampara mata  —  good morning

Tampara comino  —  good afternoon

Tampara mung  —  good evening

Tampara bakei  —  thank you very much

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