Australia, Asia, South Pacific …

It’s been called the wanderlust.  Everyone has felt the call beyond the walls of humdrum existence in the spring.  For most it passes, for me it never has.

Standing on a railway bridge in the warm spring sunshine as a locomotive roared  underneath, pulling a string of empty boxcars.  Was anyone hiding in the cars?  Where was the train taking them?  Why couldn’t I be there, instead of here, slogging through undergraduate college?

On a high ridge near Los Angeles, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Restless at the sight of expensive homes along the shore.  Looking west across that blue vastness . . .

Come with me, as Something drove me to answer that call, to explore land and sea, the near and far reaches of the planet.

Move with me, from frozen Minnesota to the elite world of western Connecticut.  Listen to a teenager named Bob Dylan, as he struggled to find his talent at the Gaslight in Greenwich Village.  Hear young Noel Paul Stookey, as he introduced Bob, the ‘new talent’.   Carry a banner in the great March for Jobs and Freedom.  Stand by the reflection pool and hear Martin Luther King shout “I have a dream!”

Work as a deck hand on a German freighter sailing to Australia.  Search that continent for hidden riches.  Work with native crews exploring Bougainville Island, where riches in the rocks brought heartbreak and death.  Find land for high-rise apartments for poor boat people in Hong Kong.  Pick up whale bones in the Aleutian Islands.

And Egypt, Yemen, India, Indonesia, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Paros …

Come along with me as I relive my life . . .

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7 Responses to Australia, Asia, South Pacific …

  1. Karl says:

    Hey Dad,

    Write some more and quit teasing us!
    I remember you taking some of those trips and telling us about them. All the time!
    Some of the trip you took before we were born.

    Talk later

  2. Brian Darcey says:

    Brings back many memories Tom. Knew them all in the early CRAE phase. Ken Phillips, Don Carruthers, Frank Espie. Frank Paholski. Col Bishop et al.
    Also the crew on Craestar and their boss Frank Hughes. Some entries on my blog might be of interest………..Brian

  3. Brian, good to hear from you. When were you at Panguna?

  4. Mike Bird says:

    Gday Tom, I worked with you on vacation employment with CRAE over Christmas 1962 doing a pulse IP survey on Hillston Station SW of Broken Hill. I recall your yarns re rolling your Triumph into a ditch and towing the magnetometer on a pole. I remember also from then Ted McCarthy – “Its a sad arse that never rejoiced”, Twotty Tottenham who near buried the Dodge ute in a rabbit warren on a pay day and paid a penalty at the Caledonian and Michael Porter who dropped his end of the fragile pulse power unit because he didnt like scorpions. Seems like yesterday but was exactly 50 years ago.

  5. Mike, it’s great to hear from you! You’re the only guy I’ve heard from, from the CRAE Broken Hill days! I do remember ‘Twotty”. He wasn’t on the team for very long, but he sure learned about rabbit warrens in a hurry.

    Remember the night we got tossed out of Pud Tonkin’s pub? He sure did a lot of hollering, chased us right out onto the street.

    Next time I went back in there he was sweet as apple cider.

  6. Bob McCleary says:

    Hey, I really like your blog!

  7. Thanks for your kind words, Bob. Nice to hear kind words from a fellow technical writer.

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