Menlo Park and San Francisco

Rebuilding the mobile ground magnetometer at the USGS offices in Menlo Park, California, gave me the chance to enjoy time in San Francisco.

Cable cars and historic houses create a wonderful ambiance in San Francisco that thrills locals and visitors alike.  To me, Fisherman’s Wharf was a picturesque tourist trap.

I discovered the House of Prime Rib, a restaurant on Van Ness Avenue that only served prime rib roast and Yorkshire pudding in the English tradition.  I ate there on most of my trips from Menlo Park into the city.

Those were the days of developing popularity for Tom Lehrer and the Limelighters folk singers.  I saw them both on the same bill at the Hungry I club.  Phyllis Diller was performing across the street at the Purple Onion.

Menlo Park and the west bayshore area (between San Francisco and San Jose) had an atmosphere like eternal springtime.  Many restaurants and public places were just open sheds.  Clubs enjoyed performers of great talent, spilled over from the movie industry in Los Angeles.  One place I frequented did simple stage performances of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, along with folk singers, which were popular at the time.

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