I go to Catholic Church with Philip Lui

The day following our extraordinary experience with the rain at Tai Po, I met Philip Lui at the Catholic Church he attended.  As we took our places in Church, he said, “I haven’t said confession for a long time. He said, “Will you excuse me?”, and went to confession.

After confession, Philip and I sat through the Catholic Mass.  Later on, as Holy Communion was being served, Philip invited me to take Communion with him.  Not being Roman Catholic, I demurred.

Afterward, the priest greeted us as we departed.  Philip mentioned that I had not taken Communion with Philip.  The Priest said to me, “Are you a Christian?

I said that I was.

“Well, then,” he said, “you should have taken Communion.”

“But I’m a Protestant.  Wouldn’t it be frowned upon?”

“Technically, maybe so,” he said, “but I wouldn’t question you at the Communion rail.  You should have taken Communion.”

At that moment I resolved in my mind that the next time I was in a Catholic Church and Communion was offered, I would partake of it.

(The next time I attended Catholic Mass, years later, was at a Solemn High Mass at the Basilica of St. Peters in Vatican City, Rome.  And I did take Communion, as did my wife.)

A year or so after my Hong Kong projects, at home in Australia, our doorbell rang.  It was Philip Lui!  We enjoyed an hour or two with him that day.

Just as Philip was leaving, my wife said to him, “My husband told me an unbelievable story about a rain miracle he experienced with you in Hong Kong.  Did it –”

Philip interrupted her, and looking intensely into her eyes, said, “Yes.  It really happened.”

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