We start our own fraternity

After traversing the west with the magnetometer I returned to write my thesis, but first I had to find a place to live.  My brother, Doug, and our friend Lloyd Wass also needed a place, so I started looking for an apartment.  Then I met George Church, who had the dorm room next to mine the previous year.  He was also looking for an apartment for himself and three mutual friends.

“Say, why don’t we rent a house?”

Thus was born the IFT fraternity.  We rented a house (only half a block from Ed Manning’s cafe –local college watering hole).

All the others thought it was a great idea, and it turned out very well.  All (except for myself) were college seniors.  We were all over 21 years old. We operated with minimal rules: we paid for our meals at cost and scheduled ourselves for cooking, washing dishes, and house cleaning.

Shortly after the school year started, I hitched a ride with a girl who lived a couple blocks from the house.  She turned out to be a real socialite with a wide circle of girl friends.  She became our house social chairperson, and soon we were having vast parties on weekends.  Our first party lasted 33 hours straight.

We all agreed that such a schedule was too tiring.  The rest of our parties we restricted to a single evening.

Two of the guys met their wives at our parties.

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