Letter from the Dean of Students

About halfway through the year I got a letter from Prof. Edmund Williamson, University of Minnesota Dean of Students.  It said that I was to make an appointment with him to discuss the organization of our house, which would include listing our activities, what magazines we were buying for the house, and such.

Because of the Dean’s reputation (i.e., the student has no rights other than the right to the best education the University could give him), I telephoned State Legislator Don Wozniak, an attorney who was no fan of Dean Williamson’s.  When I read the letter to him he replied, “Hm, sounds like one of the Dean’s ideas!”

When I asked the Mr. Wozniak what position I should take with the Dean, I should tell him that I “have it by counsel that we could not be forced into such an arrangement.”

When making the appointment I submitted a letter listing the reasons why such a program was unsuitable for our house.  We were not a fraternity.  We were most similar to private rooming houses near campus, which were unsupervised.  Nonetheless, I was prepared to discuss a suitable arrangement with the Dean.

One of the Dean’s senior staff ushered me into the Dean’s office.  The Dean was not at his desk.  We sat down and waited for him.

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