Escalating to the Academic Vice President

Back at the house I called the State Representative Wozniak again and told him what had happened.  He  referred me to the Academic Vice President’s executive secretary, referring to him by his first name and indicating that he was a good friend.  He told me to call the secretary the next day, after he’d had a chance to alert the secretary as to my problem.

When I entered the Academic Vice President’s secretary’s office,  he stepped out from behind his desk and shook my hand.  He would arrange for a meeting between the Academic Vice President, the Dean of Students, and myself to try to reach a solution.

A couple of days later I found myself in the Administration Building elevator with the Dean of Students, both of us heading for our appointment with the Academic Vice President.

When we entered the Vice President’s office he stepped forward, shook hands with me, and addressed me as Mr. Johnson.  Then he turned to the Dean, grasped his hand, and said, “Hello, Ed!”

The meeting went about as I expected.  The Vice President took the Dean’s side and couldn’t understand what my problem was, and that I must surely agree that the University must supervise the lives of its students, and so forth.

My response was that the suggested program wouldn’t be beneficial either to our group or to the University; a position that the Vice President couldn’t understand.

I had to go to the nuclear option:

“I have it by council that — “.  Basically the words that the state legislator had given me.

The Vice President said, “Oh, I don’t see any reason why the courts should be involved in this.”

That ended the meeting.  I left; the Vice President asked the Dean to stay behind for a minute or two.

I heard no more about the matter.

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