A geophysical airplane crashes

On my first morning in Tennant Creek, the roar of a twin-engine aircraft woke me up.  Suddenly I had a fearful premonition: ‘It’s going to crash!’

It seemed an unreasoning fear.  The engines sounded strong and full-throated.  I don’t know why I felt that something was wrong.

About ten o’clock that morning as I was renting a vehicle, someone came into the garage and said, “The geophysical plane crashed!”

I rented the vehicle and hurried out to the airport.  There, on the final approach to the main runway, was the wreckage.  The plane had stalled and crashed, with no survivors.  The subsequent government report could not determine a reason for the crash.  They assumed that the pilot must have become incapacitated.

Geophysical survey airplane crash, Tennant Creek

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