Trying to live a normal life

After the war, life in Geislingen settled down to a semblance of normality.  Children went to school; black marketeering was rampant; people tried to make a living in any way they could find.


Elle became interested in ballet when she saw a class being taught.  The teacher asked if her mother had sent her to join the class, and she said “Yes!”

Mother was shocked the next month, when she got a bill for ballet lessons!


One day, Elle found a large, buried pipe, into which she crawled.  The pipe ended in a warehouse that the UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) used.  It was stacked with all sorts of supplies that people needed.

Elle found a chocolate bar, and ate it.

A carnival was in town.  Elle wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but didn’t have any money.  She asked the man if there was anything he needed.  He said, “Soap!”

Elle crawled into the warehouse and came back to the ferris wheel with a big box of soap.

The ferris wheel man let her ride all afternoon.

Elle took a playmate through the tunnel into the warehouse.  When the playmate went back home late, his parents grilled him about where he had been.  He told them about the warehouse.

Next time Elle went for chocolates she found the tunnel blocked.

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