The war’s aftermath

The end of world war II  made a problem for our family: Andy Peterson, whose house we were renting, returned from California and wanted his house back. We were staying at the lake at the time, but we had to move our furniture out of the house and put it into storage.

Also, the warm summer weather was coming to an end. Dad would soon need to find us some place to stay in Brainerd.

Mr. Peterson said that he would build us a house if we could get the materials. Since we had no place to live, Dad got a ‘priority’ from the government, which meant that we could buy materials–if we could find them.  Dad had to select a house plan from a short list of approved plans.  The house would be of barely adequate size, only one story, with an attic bedroom which Doug and I shared.

Uncle Elmer, who was a Minneapolis lumber salesman, was our savior. He sold us the lumber and other materials we needed. Dad also was able to buy an oil-burning furnace and other needs. He had to buy a 65-gallon water heater, far bigger than we needed. He said, “We shouldn’t ever run out of hot water now!”

Meanwhile, we needed somewhere to live until the new house was ready. Mr. Peterson said he could get it finished by Christmas. All Dad was able to find was a windowless apartment in downtown Brainerd, which did not make Mother happy.  Doug and I commuted to Lowell School, in northeast Brainerd.

The furnace in the new house was installed and working by the time the weather turned really cold, so the house was warm inside.  On school days Doug and I used to eat our lunches at the house.

The house wasn’t ready until summer.  When school summer vacation began we moved back out to the lake.  We moved into the new house when school started in the autumn.

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