It’s over!

World War II dragged on for over three years. Day after day stories came back about massive battles with huge loss of life. Mothers got telegrams when their sons were killed in action, and they hung gold stars in their windows. When a person went into the service it was customary to hang a small red and white banner with a blue star on it in the front window of the house. If the serviceman was killed the blue star was replaced with a gold one.

The nation didn’t really get used to the killing, it just wore everyone down until they just plodded forward, day after day. Ships sunk, aircraft shot down, servicemen killed.

Then, one enormous headline: ATOM BOMB DROPPED, CITY DESTROYED. Then, two days later, another!

A week later it was over.

On that morning, at the lake, everyone was yelling and banging anything they could find. Mother gave me her new, cast iron frying pan to bang. I went over to the neighbor’s house and about four of us paraded around, banging for all we were worth.

I cracked Mother’s frying pan. I still have that frying pan.

Recently my wife said to me, “Why do you want to hang on to that old frying pan? It’s cracked!”

My retort was, “So’s the Liberty Bell!”

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