The Nokay Lake country school

During the autumn after the war ended, we stayed at the lake while Dad made arrangements for building our new house. Doug and I attended the Nokay Lake school, about three miles from our cabin.

The school was the traditional form of building, with one classroom and an outdoor toilet. The school did have a basement and a furnace that could keep the school quite warm throughout the winter. Our teacher, Mrs. Johnson, rented a room from a farmer near the school. On cold days she would get to the school early and set a fire in the furnace.

The school had eight grades in one room. Education was extraordinarily good, since we were constantly overhearing what the younger kids were learning and getting a preview of upper grade work. We had sixteen kids in the class, which was the largest class they had had in years.

We went to the country school until Halloween. The school threw a Halloween party, complete with a comedic play and a basket social. The school was packed for the event.

That was our last day in the school. The following day we moved to the apartment I described in the last blog entry.

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