Working with Maunsell Consultants Asia

Maunsell Consultants Asia offices were located in the Chinese mainland city of Kowloon, across the harbor from Hong Kong island.  The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong (returned to China in 1997) consisted of Hong Kong Island and several other islands, while the mainland part of the Colony was called the New Territories.

Maunsell had another office in the community of Sha Tin, farther north in the New Territories, which became my base of operations.

Maunsell assigned me an interpreter and three Hakka workers for the field work.  The Hakkas were a robust lot, capable of heavy work in the hot Hong  Kong summer.  The bulk of the work was hitting a plate on the ground with a ten-pound sledgehammer, which was the signal source for the seismic traversing we were doing.  They also strung electrical wire, as a minor part of the work.

I was very impressed with the Hakkas and their work ethic.

(As I write this, I must add that it is gratifying to look back on my work in Hong Kong, helping the colony to develop adequate housing for its burgeoning population, after the disastrous results (civil war) of the mine development on Bougainville Island, where I had a part in its exploration.)

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