Union Church of Kowloon

When Sunday came I attended the Union Church of Kowloon, as my Australian pastor, Stan Quarmby, had recommended.  The congregation were mostly British, Australian, and from other parts of the British Commonwealth, with a few English-speaking Chinese.  The pastor, Rev. ‘Pearly’ Gates, was an American Baptist.  The Chairman of Council was an Englishman whose first name was Philip.  Regrettably, I don’t remember his last name.

Happily, the church was within walking distance from my Hotel.

As I walked home from the service, Philip and some others were walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  He shouted across to me, “Tom, come and have lunch with us!”

Over lunch I asked what he thought of the gift of tongues, quickly adding that I knew that it was a controversial subject.

Philip’s response was, “I don’t think anyone at this table would be afraid of the things of the Holy Spirit.”

Philip invited me to a prayer group that met at his home.

I also asked if he knew of Jean Stone Willans, who had written the book that I read.

Philip said that he knew them well, and gave me the address of their apartment on Hong Kong island.  He also told me that they held  prayer meetings on Tuesday evening and Saturday noon, each week.

That evening I attended Philip’s prayer meeting.  That evening was the first time that I had heard prayers offered in tongues, with interpretations by another person.

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