‘Run, Baby, Run’

Just before the end of my first Hong Kong project, a young Chinese acquaintance lent me a paperback  titled, ‘Run, Baby, Run’, by an evangelist named Nicky Cruz.  Mr. Cruz had been a notorious and violent leader of a Hispanic gang in New York City, the subject of another book called ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ by evangelist David Wilkerson.  The young man that lent me the book was a great fan of Mr. Cruz, as he himself had been deeply involved in gang activity in Hong Kong before becoming a Christian.

I read the book as I flew back to Australia.

When back in Sydney, I learned that Nicky Cruz was to have a series of evangelical meetings in Sydney.  When Elle and I went to the meetings I brought the book, ‘Run, Baby, Run’, with me, and had Mr. Cruz autograph it.   When I returned to Hong Kong for my second project, I returned the book to the young man, with Mr. Cruz’s autograph inside.

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