An extraordinary Sunday in Sydney

After my experiences with missionaries  in Hong Kong I was well into the charismatic movement, both in Hong Kong and Australia.

One Sunday I attended a mass evangelistic meeting at the Hordern Pavilion, a huge meeting hall in a Sydney suburb.   An emphasis at the gathering was the extraordinary effect that strong faith could have in one’s life.

At the end of the meeting I gave a ride to an attendee who was from out of town.  As we headed for his hotel I asked him if there was any particular thing that he needed, that we could believe God for.  He said that he was hungry, and did I know of a restaurant?

It was Sunday.  On Sunday all businesses in downtown Sydney were closed.

Nonetheless, we agreed that after what we had heard about faith in God, we would believe that God would provide him with a place to eat.

I asked him what type of food he would like.  He was a Greek immigrant.  He said that Greek food would be his choice.

“OK, we’ll believe God to lead us to a restaurant serving Greek food!”

Only a moment or two later we saw a huge sign in Greek lettering on the side of a building.  In its windows we could see what appeared to be people sitting at tables.

“Praise the Lord!  Look at that!  Your prayer has been answered!”

I stopped by the building and waited for him to check whether he could eat there.  He soon returned, said that it was a Greek club, and that they would serve him a meal.

After I left him and had crossed the Sydney Harbor Bridge heading for home, I came upon a stalled car in the middle of the highway, with a lady inside.  The car was on an uphill grade; the car needed to be pushed off the road.  Clearly, it was too much for me to push by myself, and the rather slight lady could not offer much assistance.

As I spoke to her I learned that she was returning from the same evangelistic meeting I was coming from.

I told her, “OK, you get in the car and steer.  I’ll push the car.  We’ll believe that God will get your car off the highway.”

Just as I put my hands to the car, I heard a huffing and puffing behind me.

A huge, young athlete, out for his afternoon jog, came up beside me and pushed the car with me.  We got the car to the roadside quickly.

He didn’t wait for thanks.  As quickly as we got the car to a safe place, he was gone.

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