The Silly Dog wins Taffy over

A geologist from Mary Kathleen told me this story:

After I left Mary Kathleen, the Silly Dog roamed free, at will.  He was a friendly dog; he avoided fighting and didn’t make trouble.  I’d guess that he took food from anyone who would feed him.

He didn’t go wild though; he was friendly with everyone.

Taffy Watkins was troubled about having a dog, not a stray but nearly so, roaming freely around Mary Kathleen.  Taffy had no problem with dogs; several Mary Kathleen families had pet animals:  it was just that Silly Dog’s free lifestyle offended Taffy’s sense of orderliness.

One evening as Taffy sat at the open air social clubroom with a number of other employees, he expressed his concern about the Silly Dog.  Everyone listened quietly, without comment.  They all knew that putting in a good word for the dog wouldn’t alter Taffy’s thinking.  If Taffy said that the dog should go, Silly Dog would go.

Just then, the Silly Dog trotted into the social clubroom.  The dog went straight over to where Taffy was sitting and licked Taffy’s hand, which was dangling down by his side.

Taffy Watkins’ heart melted.

The Silly Dog stayed in Mary Kathleen.  At least, for the time being.

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