Taffy Watkins ticks off the Silly Dog

A couple of months after I left Mary Kathleen, Taffy Watkins made a trip to Melbourne.

As several of us were having a conversation with Taffy, I asked him, “How’s the Silly Dog doing?”

Taffy’s countenance darkened.  I need to relay the story in his own words, as best I remember them, but first a bit of background, setting the scene:

Every Tuesday night Taffy brought in a full-length movie film which they showed at the Mary Kathleen open-air theater.  The theater was equipped with a stage, for live shows as well.  After a few weeks of showing films, a few families opted not to go to the theater every week.

Taffy announced to the town that if people didn’t want to come and see the films that he was bringing in at some effort and expense, he’d discontinue the films.  In other words, going to Tuesday night films was not an option.  Everybody in town went, every Tuesday.

Now, about the Silly Dog.  My guess is that Taffy had imposed some restrictions on the dog’s freedom, or had done something else to incur the dog’s displeasure.

Here is what Taffy said about the Silly Dog, as best I can remember.

“That dog?  We had to get rid of him.  One night at the movies, with families there, with kids and all, that dog herded a young female bitch right up onto the stage, and right there, in front of everybody — children and all, he — well, it was disgusting!  Thoroughly disgusting!  I had him out of Mary Kathleen the next morning. We gave him to somebody in Mount Isa..”

I can only imagine that the Silly Dog had figured out a way of getting taken out of town, while at the same time doing something that would really get back at Taffy in the worst possible way.

It was maybe a year later that I met someone who had been on one of my field teams, who had seen the Silly Dog in Mount Isa.  The dog recognized him and hung out with him for a while.

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