I leave Mary Kathleen and the Silly Dog

When our exploration project at Mary Kathleen came to an end, I released the field team in Mount Isa with air tickets, left the Nissan and Bedford in Mary Kathleen, and packed the geophysical equipment in the Land Rover for my trip back to Melbourne.

One loose end:  What to do with the Silly Dog?  He was a country animal, not used to confined places.  Taking him back to Melbourne was unthinkable.

A family in Mary Kathleen agreed to take the Silly Dog.  I took him over to the guy’s house.  Silly Dog stood quietly while the guy tied him up.

In no time the Silly Dog was out of the rope and back at my side.

I explained to Silly Dog, Look, I can’t take you with me.  You’ll have to stay with these nice people here.”

Again the Silly Dog allowed himself to be tied up.  This time the guy really did a harness around the dog’s head, shoulders, and–I really don’t remember all the details, but that dog was tied up!

The Silly Dog stood silently, tied up, watching me drive away, as his new owner went into the house.

By the time I got out to the main road, there was the Silly Dog, out of the harness, sitting on a small hillock, grinning at me, and watching me leave.

He didn’t follow me.

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